Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To wax or not to wax!

As a woman of the fuzzy persuasion, I have strong convictions towards hair removal. Growing up with the nickname "Harry" in high school along with recurrent comments such as,"Wow, you know you have a mustache?!", and " I thought I was hairy!"(From boys no less!), impassioned me to find an answer to removing all this hair. At the age of fifteen, the moment I was introduced to the waxing-way, I have never looked back!
Like most women who have experimented with depilatories, I have agonized with skin burning-creams, that melt hair away but still leave stubble, and an awful smell!
Epilady! Yikes! Shaving, temporarily satisfying, and scarring nicks to prove it. Threading, too time consuming and, again, Yikes! I have agonized over the experimental days of the over- the- counter microwavable honey waxes that if you over heat by two seconds you end up scalding yourself, messing up counter tops and clothing, to the subsequent irritating red bumps that I endured for at least a week. Then one day, happily, I befriended a wax expert who introduces a wax product unlike the traditional-honey based wax that we know of. This dreamy rose infused calming wax smoothed on easily, gripped only to hair, not skin, smelled heavenly, and left my skin with minimal redness, and NO bumps! Of course I became a fan instantly. Today, with the same company that I am such a devotee,
( Mancine Cosmetics from Australia), they introduced to the world a synthetic face and body wax like nothing anyone has seen! Completely adheres only to hair and grabs all the way to root, from under arms, (the toughest pubic hair), to the finest vellus hairs of the face! I've had clients wincing just before I pull away the wax, and as I remind them they will be so surprised, they didn't even know I had already finished the removal. They couldn't believe how easy and painless their experience was and why all these years they were letting their neighborhood salons burn, rip, and tear at their skin unnecessarily!
So it comes down to this, take 30 minutes once a month to wax and remove unwanted, unsightly hair with ease, or shave, nick, irritate my skin daily with a razor? Hmmmm, I'm reaching for my wax strips right now!


  1. I just had my first bikini wax and the lady who was waxing me would say to me, "no pain, no gain, it is the price we pay for beauty". I wasn't sure I'd be going back there agian. After reading your To Wax or Not To Wax, I am glad to hear there is a product out there that is pain free, tears free... Thanks for the info.

    A greatful BGW - (bikini wax girl)

  2. ummm waxing scares me =( I tried it once and it was not a pretty sight! I have VERY sensitive skin but after reading "To Wax or Not To Wax" I think I may give it one more chance! Thanks for the info ;)