Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday - Foundation Facts From Behind the Counter

Finding the right foundation can be one of the most challenging experiences for women. The majority of women who approach the cosmetic counter are not necessarily makeup connoisseurs. They are the uncertain and curious souls who are looking to be properly guided in finding that special item that will enhance, conceal, or remove, whatever it is about their face. Today, in the year 2010, women from the ages 16 to say 32, have grown up in a time where foundation has personality. It can be sheer, medium to full coverage. Powder, cream, wet-dry, even a mousse. Built in SPF, hydrating, or matte finish. Now, if we are women who experienced foundation for the first time before 1995, our options were quite limited to the "cakey" pink to orange ranges of pore clogging face cracking, bottled foundations. No more of that thank goodness! I continue to be approached by the nervous and base-scorned woman who still fears her foundation yet she yearns to smooth, cover, and protect her face without the appeal of a mask. Ladies I've been there and back! My first experience with foundation was 1985, I was 12 and in 7th grade. So gobbing on a bottle of Cover Girl beige/ tan foundation(when I'm white, freckly, and fuzzy), probably wasn't the best first experience. Once I hit puberty, hormones and all, still wearing Cover Girl, I experienced clogging of the pores and couldn't figure out what was causing it! I thought, "It couldn't be my foundation, I've been wearing it for years now." Cover Girl came out with an acne control foundation, so I switched formulas. Still clogged my skin and was even more cakey and had a lovely medicinal scent! It wasn't until the age of 20,(1993), that I was first introduced to another form of foundation. MAC. Suffice it to say, not a better choice. I chose Studio Fix, at the time I was promised I was investing in a quality foundation, I would never have known this product was going to asphyxiate my pores. Tiny little bumps formed all over my forehead from the mineral oils and mica in the product. Yikes! Again, I sought "professional" help with my skin care. Ehem, I believed by going to a cosmetic counter where the ladies wore white lab coats would know how to save my skin. (Little did I know that was a just a costume). A girl not much older than me sold me an astringent that practically burned my skin right off, and told me to exfoliate the bumps! I spread the acne down my face by this mistake! I suffered a good year or so with adult acne when it was simply caused by the products I was sold by an uneducated cosmetic sales girl. By some miracle I met an honest and well informed esthetician working for Shiseido. She explained to me the benefits of soap-free anti microbial cleanser and a balancing, alcohol free toner. In less than two weeks my skin was finally clear. From that day forward, no one can believe that I was ever a sufferer of acne, I vowed no longer will I be a victim of misinformation and I have found myself devoting my interests in sharing this with any and all who are interested in the truths behind the products. As an esthetician and makeup artist for almost sixteen years now, I see the importance behind knowing what's in that which we apply on our face and body, from active ingredients, where it was made, to it's expiration date. Asking questions about products before you make the investment and knowing how it will affect your skin are your best safeguards to avoiding adverse reactions and simply being happy with your purchase.

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