Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outlets! Beauty Tip Tuesday

I'm not talking about the malls you drive a long distance to, for a discount on last seasons jeans and sweaters. I'm talking about a way to release your inner angst.

Some find it with food, some with exercise, maybe it's sleep, or shopping, etc.
My beauty tip for this Tuesday is finding the positive "outlet" for todays stresses and pressures. I had a deep conversation with a close friend about this subject and we compared and contrasted peoples options in stress release. When someone feels out of control with a current situation they almost by nature feel the need to create a feeling of control in something else they think they "can" control. Eating and drinking are the quickest and easiest areas to appease ourselves with. "Treating" yourself or your friends to lunch or a cocktail gives a person a false sense of control and self worth.

BUT,what if you instead took a friend out for a hike around the lake, or to try out a new exercise program to work out your mind and body tensions?

Last year I didn't notice my weight increase twenty five pounds over a good six to eight months of over indulging and taking friends out for wine and cheese tastings. I regularly went to the gym and kept fairly active with my two kids but the month before I was to vacation in Hawaii I pulled out the scale and just flipped in disbelief when I saw the numbers!

With the combination of counting calories and finding no more excuses in starting up kickboxing again (my favorite sport), I had no problems dropping that twenty five and another five on top of that in less than four months. My good friend has found walking in the mornings the most effective way to relax and drop her weight and she feels proud to talk about it.
Nothing makes someone feel more rewarded when they successfully accomplish a goal, nothing makes you feel more attractive when you lose weight you worked so hard to lose, and no pair of shoes or dripping-fudge chocolate cake can make me feel as great as I do after I kick the crud out of my kick bag and sweat out my stresses during a vigorous hour of kickboxing!
So find your sport, your "outlet". Get yourself moving for at least an hour, three to four times a week doing something you love and even better, do it with a friend!

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  1. Love the article!! Yes, finding an outlet is a great stress relief - kickboxing all the way!!