Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABC's on Cruelty-Free

When it comes to the ease of applying makeup from foundation to shadow, the quality of the makeup brush can make it or break it and that said; the hair is what makes the "grade".
I have come across many who gasp at the mention of the types of hair a cosmetic brush can be made from. Whether it be squirrel, badger, to sable. Personally I am a big fan of the squirrel- hair makeup brush. So I hear the "Awwes", and "Ohhs", often when people want to know why the brush is so divinely soft. For the devout vegetarian there are some well made synthetic brushes out there
(Taklon and Nylon) but nothing has come close to the versatility and silky touch of squirrel. To also educate a few on the fact that the higher the "grade" of hair the better chance it is Cruelty-Free. As with squirrel, kolinsky sable, and mink, ask if they are "First-cut" hair, which means they were sheared from the tips of the fur(not harming the animal), and is truly the softest to the touch. Lower grade brushes are typically created with "blunt-cut" hairs coming from the lower cut of the fur, which are more course and can feel scratchy or prickly to the touch.

These days thank goodness one doesn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a nice set of makeup brushes, but as a collector and admirer of the beauty and function of the brush, it can become quite the investment.

Here is a list of hair-types from highest grade to lowest:
Kolinsky Sable
Red sable

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