Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't forget the SPF!

It may be raining, cold, and windy, but living in Southern California chances the sun's rays meeting your skin are still very great. Never neglect the importance of protecting your delicate skin from the sun's harmful uva(actinic) and uvb(burning) rays. Personally I rely on my tinted moisturizer by Remede to provide complete coverage over my face and the moment I set foot into the car, I apply a light weight body SPF lotion to neck, chest, and hands.(Supergoop). Many of our darker complected beauties seem to feel they are exempt to the suns harmful effects and ignore the SPF "hype". True, their skin is better protected by melanin than a fair skinned gal such as myself, but by not protecting even the darkest of skin, one can experience hyper pigmenation, age spotting, wrinkling, uneven skin coloration, and no one is exempt from the possibilities of skin cancer. When choosing an SPF, just grabbing a 50 doesn't mean your'e more protected than say a 15. The only difference between the two is the the time you're in the sun. A 15 SPF will protect up to 3 and a half hours of sun exposure. A 30 SPF will protect you up to about 7 and a half hours, so a 50 SPF protects for 12 and a half hours?! That's some coverage. ALTHOUGH!...We sweat, swim, and wipe at our skin and then we must remember to reaply no matter what the level of SPF. Look for the key word "Full spectrum" protection on your next bottle or tube of SPF, this will save your skin from the damage the sun can cause such as capillary damage, hyperpigmentation, collagen and elastin deterioration and most importantly, skin cancer. Let's all enjoy this Southern California weather, and keep our skin younger and healthier, longer with SPF!

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