Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday - Feb 2, 2010

You really are what you eat (and drink!). Has your life been so hectic that you barely had time to enjoy a bottle/glass of water? Take a good look around your eyes, your neck, chest and even your hands and feet. Just by drinking eight glasses a day you can "plump" up those thin-skinned areas, and watch fine lines practically disappear! As for what you eat, make sure to take in enough antioxidant rich foods ( like blueberries, blackberries and other deep colored fruit). Not only are they age fighting, but cancer fighting as well. Don't skimp on the healthy oils in foods, for example: avocado, fish, and even peanut butter! These natural oils are rich in vitamins A,B1,B2,D, and E! Not to mention the essential fatty acids our body benefits from, in promoting smoother softer, healthier skin! Last but not least, educate yourself on where your food comes from. Is your beef or chicken free-range?, pasture fed?, hormone/antibiotic free?, etc. By paying attention to what you put in your body, you will not only be caring for your insides but it will show beautifully on the out.

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