Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday - Feb 16, 2010

Product Knowledge 101:

Don't get "sold" by a cosmetic salesperson.
Who doesn't have drawers or boxes full of makeup and skincare you hardly touch?
Why is this?
Because you were told it would do something for you, yet failed to meet your expectations.

Two top requested recommendations in cosmetics:

Foundation & Mascara


Mineral makeup: Number One Myth...
Because it says "mineral" doesn't make it a miracle. Commonly used in much of today's powders and foundations, the minerals are mainly derived from mica, and zinc oxides. Finely ground to create a temporary "glow" to the skin. It's what happens in an hour that makes all the difference. What happens when our face introduces sebum to the mix? Separation, clogging, and discoloration in skin tone. None of these powders provide a nutrient to your skin so why mask your face with it?

From soy to sea, there's nothing better for me!

Finding a foundation created from soy(T.Le Clerc), or seaweed botanics(Sue Devitt Studio, Vincent Longo water canvas) are a whole other story. These prime ingredients synthesize with our skins natural, daily, needs and functions instead of conflicting. Creating a more smooth and flawless coverage as well as a "healthy" finish!


Mascara madness: From CG to D&G:
Mascara packaging, (like the toothbrush), shape shifts almost daily. What's inside has hardly changed since it was invented(via 1913; Maybelline). Our makeup pros have experienced dozens of mascaras from Serge Lutens $65 mascara to Cover Girls $8 LashBlast. The only big difference is scent and the shape of the comb. Fragrances are an issue for many in light of allergies, and since mascara is practically in the eye most companies are savvy to this concern. Search for conditioning ingredients such as vitamin E(tocopherol), bees wax, soy, or Argan which provide at least some nutrients to the lashes. Otherwise, all mascaras contain preservatives to kill bacteria and prolong the life of the product.(note: throw it away after 3 months or experience flaking, itchy eyes, or even worse an eye infection). As for the shape of the lash comb; they cater to the varied shapes and lengths of our lashes. If one needs length they may want a sleek, slim-toothed comb, and if one desires fullness, look for a thick bristled comb. Last but not least an essential tool all mascara wearers should possess, a needle-toothed lash separator(Chanel). To comb out any clumps as well as shape the direction of the lash. Here's to a more enlightened cosmetic experience!

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