Monday, April 11, 2011

The air brush tan

Orange County is hip with the ever popular sunless tanning pastime, as far back as the 1960's, women and men have been fake n' baking, bronzing, spraying, and rubbing it on to achieve the ultimate tan without the time and agony it takes lying under the sun's UV rays. The sun's rays in moderation can be beneficial in helping the body produce vitamin D, but beyond this, avoiding prolonged exposure from it's damaging rays is pro active towards anti-aging as well as a skin cancer preventative. Tanning beds are found just as harmful to the skin considering they deliver concentrated doses of ultraviolet rays both UVA(actinic, cancer causing) and UVB(burning), and many end up burning the epidermis, causing severe adverse reactions. Air brush tanning has become a quick and easy way to achieve that healthy glow, it's long lasting, safer than ever, without wasting your time baking and burning your day away.
So many people are still hesitant on trying self tanners due to that age old fear of turning orange. Tanning products have come a long way baby! Consumers looking for a safer, quicker, realistic tan in just moments can find reliable tanning products right on shelves of their local grocery stores, such as Jergens Natural Glow, a highly effective easy to apply lotion for all over the body. Then there is the, ever growing in popularity, spray tanners, typically applied by an airbrush technician in a salon or even right in your own home. Self tanners not only provide the "melanin challenged" an opportunity to experience an exotic tan but make it easier to maintain your "healthy glow", longer, along with keeping the skin hydrated, bronzed, and silky soft. Depending on the product, the scent of self tanners have improved ten fold, many are scented with coconut, mint, to raspberry-almond, instead of that old stale potato smell that still haunts many to this day. Self tanning sprays are available in organic formulas, different tanning hues, and can last up to two weeks before needing a touch-up. So now that spring is here and the weather is warming, fashion is gearing it's head towards, shorts, minis, sandals, tanks, and of course bathing suits. So whether you want to get a head start on your summer tan, look amazing in that little black dress, or sculpt your new six pack that you've worked hard all winter for, make your appointment today for a body and mind altering experience with a professional organic airbrush technician from salons such as Sun Silhouette in San Clemente, to Surface Beauty mobile beauty tanning services who bring the spa to you!

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