Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's in the bag!

On the way out the door? Did you find time this morning to do your hair, apply deodorant? Put on your shoes? Like many women living in Orange County, you may be juggling multiple daily responsibilities. Whether you lead a household full of children, a husband, and a job on top of that, or just whirling your own personal life obstacles day in and day out, there may be days you lose track of yourself on the way out the door.

One simple strategy to ensure you have what you need by the time you turn the key in the ignition, adjust your rear view mirror, gasp in horror when you realize you still have your bath towel on your head, is to pack an emergency touch up kit and have it ready and waiting in your purse, handbag, tote, baby bag, computer bag, what have you.

This small zippered bag, shouldn't take up much space. Look for something about 5 by 7 in size and preferably translucent so that you can find an item more efficiently. This bag should hold the most important items that YOU find it hard to get through a day without.

On your way to the gym? Warm to blistering day ahead? First and foremost, pack your favorite deodorant in travel size. Hit your local pharmacy, Target, or Walmart and have a good time picking from all the fun miniature sized grooming products for .99 cents each. You most likely can find a travel bag there too. Mother's Market carries an amazing organic body/deodorant spray by Avalon Organics in Rosemary and Peppermint. Keep a pack of face wipes handy, alcohol free, preferably chamomile based to refresh and cleanse the face as well as body, when needed. For example Jason All-Natural fragrance free quick clean makeup remover/face wipes. When your favorite products come in bulk or large containers, down size to travel jars and spray bottles(even a simple ziplock sandwich bag), which are also available at your local pharmacies and grocery stores.

Protect that skin! Spf is imperative for not just your face but neck, decollete, arms, and hands, that all get their fair share of sun exposure when simply sitting in the car on a sunny day. Most sunscreens offer travel sizes of their product like Banana Boat, or to "kill two birds with one stone", find a tinted moisturizer with spf 15 to 30 and even out your skin as well as protect it from the suns damaging rays. Remede Translucent oil-free UV coat 30, offering four skin-blendable color tones.

Tweezers! How many get in the car and at some point, wished they had tweezers to pluck away that stubborn chin hair that miraculously appeared out of no where! OR, you haven't found the time to get your brows shaped but with a few tweaks you can make it through one more day. Rubis Switzerland precision tweezers (They sharpen them free, for life!).

If your'e a makeup wearer, and somehow this daily ritual got interrupted, at least have a tube of water proof mascara and lip gloss stored in your bag for this very emergency. MAC offers a reasonably priced high quality waterproof mascara, Opulash in Bad Bad Black $14, or run down the cosmetic isle at Target for Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara $8.95. Lip glosses come in so many shapes, sizes, textures, flavors, and of course colors. So for every gloss type out there, there is an individual who is partial to what resides on their lips. Whether it be just a clear lip balm, a hint of pink, a mauvey-bronze, to a sassy red. Just keep it in a squeeze tube or wand format, just in case you leave this bag in a hot car, you don't have to worry about it melting. Stila offers a unique lip and cheek stain with the added sheer gloss, in a convenient twist-tube and seven yummy flavors and colors.

Now what about your hair? For long hair, simply keep a couple of hair ties/ rubber bands available to neatly or loosly tie the hair back. If your hair is short, layered possibly, with just a couple of twists using Scuncci No Slip Grip Mini Octo Jaw Clips or their No-Slip Grip Wide Hairband in just minutes, you can look like you spent all morning on your hair. If you forgot to wash your hair, and just need that oily look(and smell) to disappear. Keep Rene Furterer's Dry Shampoo on hand, for an instant boost and clean feel to your scalp and hair.

Last but not least, how's the breath? Did you forget your morning mouth care? Keep a pack of Wrigley's sugar-free Orbit Professional chewing gum on hand when a tooth brush and water isn't near by. This unique gum actually helps clean the teeth while you chew! Recommended by four out of five dentists, well at least by Professor Klaus Konig of Germany!

An important mention to all of the busy ladies (and men, you too) who try to do it all before that early morning meeting; never attempt these grooming tasks while behind a moving vehicle! All personal business, same goes for the cell phone, can wait until the car engine is off. Before or after your drive is the best time to pull out your bag of tricks and then and only then, work your magic

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