Thursday, March 3, 2011

Un "bridal" ing Beauty

Wedding season is upon us Orange County! From the Montage in Laguna to The Villa in San Juan, these venues are booked! The brides have it all covered, from tiara down to their toes! However, there is one thing brides most commonly neglect and that's their skin! How so many classically let their faces fall to the wayside by forgetting that stress and lack of sleep along with improper skin maintenance can truly turn "The blushing bride" more like, "The blemished bride".
Here are some simple beautiful ways to ensure the angelic skin every girl desires on the day of her wedding!
First and foremost if hiring an artist for makeup, finding the right one can take time. NEVER feel stuck with the first one you try, always interview two to three different artists(expect your trial costs to run from anywhere between $45 to $100 each sitting), and making sure you have done this at least three months in advance of the wedding date as to ensure the one you choose doesn't become booked as well as giving you ample time to find the right one.
You shouldn't rely entirely on the makeup artist for perfect skin though. Skincare is an important primer to ensuring the makeup will look and stay as flawless from the moment it's applied to the moment she takes it "all off!" So the next concern is maintenance before the magical day. Keeping a regular cleansing regime morning and night, avoiding soap based cleansers that only dry out the skin. Look to Yum (vegan) Gourmet Skincares Oatmeal Apricot Creme Cleanser if your'e on the dry side or Lemon Soy Cleansing Lotion if you lean more on the oily side. Toning with an alcohol free toner after every wash to balance skins PH, try, Yum's nourishing bio-complex Pomegranate Toner. Being a big believer in serums, find the right one for your skin type, high in skin nourishing anti- oxidants, and restorative ingredients.(Melvita's organic, Regenerating Serum).
Take good care of the windows to the soul, especially when the groom stares into those eyes, you don't want him noticing the rings of sleepless nights. Take time out for a soothing eye masque once or twice a week especially right before the day of, (Shiseido's Pure Retinol Instant treatment Eye Mask). Exfoliating is key, once a week removing the unwanted dry(corneum) layers of the skin and allowing fresher smoother skin to come forth. Avoid harsh scrubs involving nuts and seeds of any sort, smooth jojoba beads, and ultra fine sugar scrubs such as Farm House Fresh's One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish. (You will have to TRY not to lick it off). A truly delicious way to pampering and caring for your skin. Hydrate and protect the skin your'e in everyday and every night. Moisturizers seal in the nourishing ingredients you have layered on prior, as well as shield the skin from outside free radicals such as smog, dirt, oils, smoke, and sun as long as you remember the SPF!(Oil free, and avoid oxybenzone because it can trigger allergic reactions). Now, for dry skin, gently hydrate with a weightless effect try Yum's Avocado Whip Moisture Creme and if your'e on the oilier side try Yum's Lychee Balacing Gel. One more savory step towards blissfully beautiful skin, take 20 mins. once a week for a relaxing, regenerating facial masque, appropriate to your skin type. On the dry side? Look to a gel or creamy based masque nutrient-rich in vitamin C, seaweed extracts and ultra hydrating shea butters to condition and restore natural suppleness.(Yum Nori Mango Butter Masque). If more on the oily side lean towards something clay based along with natural salicylic acids preferrably naturally found from papaya and pineapple which clarifies, detoxifies,and mildly exfoliates simultaneously balancing oil production, combating bacteria, as well as current and future blemishes.(Yums Red Earth Mineral Masque).
Along with remembering to drink your eight glasses of water a day, eating right, getting plenty of rest, and learning to deligate to relieve stressfull situations, these helpful hints and products will provide any bride "unblemished wedlock!"

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