Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Today-Gone Tomorrow-Beauty Tip Tuesday

Hair and the effects of everyday products.
For both women and men we take our hair and all that we do for it pretty seriously.
Especially, when we begin to see it thin and fall out.

Factors to consider if this begins to happen: Stress, age, heredity, illness, drugs, and/or temporary conditions such as pregnancy, or more precisely after pregnancy, and medications.

Then there is also what we apply to our hair. The products we are applying from end to roots, whether it's to color, highlight, thicken, straighten, curl, De-frizz, etc.

waxy topical products as well as mineral oil based cleansers and conditioners, these can be clogging to your roots, asphyxiating pores and by this, not allowing oxygen and essential vitamins to enter our skin and nourish hair that grows upon it.
So when it comes to everyday cleansers, look for soap free ingredients. (Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo by REN). Soap will only dry skin and hair, irritate the eyes, and possibly cause rashes.
Recommended for a once a month treatment; rinse hair with acetic-based, apple vinegar to dissolve waxy-residue build up along the hair shaft and scalp. Include a stimulating scalp massage with eucalyptus oil to promote blood circulation and help open up clogged follicles allowing for better hair growth.

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