Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday- May 4th 2010

Bite Your Lip!

If you are one of the fortunate who were born with a full-pout, no need to read on.
if you are like me and many other women who desire a plumper-pucker, stick around.

A lucrative trend has been dispersing through these lands.
Lip plumping products!

You've got LipFusion, Too Faced "Lip Injection" treatment, Sexy Mother Pucker, Buxom Lips, Maybelline lip plumper, Urban Decay Big Fatty Plumper, DuWop Lip Venom, the list goes on and on.
You may have found yourself searching for that temporary solution(as opposed to actual injections) to acquiring a juicier yap, but beware of the most typical formulations found in these lip gloss/treatments and how quickly they may counter hydrate instead of treating your delicate pout. Most of these products contain irritants such as cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, cayenne, vitamin B derivatives, as well as supposed "collagen boosting" ingredients like marine collagen, to something called Vorexin, that the manufacturers claim to actually increase the collagen in our lips, (FALSE)but only to cause a "tingly" sensation, a very temporary "swollen" feeling, and in long term use of some of these chemically treated "treatments", will only dehydrate and chap the lips and in worse case scenario cause lip ulcerations.
I Have not tried every one of these lip products, but I think in these past ten or so years I have had my fair share of experimenting with at least a dozen or so. NONE, last longer than two hours. A "sensation" is all that it is, and depending the flavor and gloss texture, that is the only reason I keep wearing them on top of liner and lipstick for that fuller-effect.
Look for beneficial ingredients in the product so at least it will protect and hydrate your lips as you wear it. Such as aloe, Shea butter, almond oil, soy, vitamins E and A, Kukui nut oil, Sunflower oil, green tea extract, etc. If the product is screaming parabens throughout the ingredient list, you might want to steer away.
IE:( Bis- diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Polybutene, Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Polysorbate-60, L-arginine, Titanium Dioxide & Mica, Microcrystalline Wax, Ozokerite, PhenylTrimethicone, Menthol, Methylparaben & Propylene Glycol & Diazolidinyl Urea & Propylparaben, Butylparaben).
You want a treat for your mouth not a chemical bath.

I have just the same interests as so many do to perfect my pout and get that sexy full-lipped effect when I "put on my lips". As a professional makeup artist I am an avid collector of what's new and what works out there. So for a product that looks beautiful, tastes sweet, and gives you that fuller appeal, I have two glosses to recommend. Buxom Lips, especially for the colors, and then there's RENEW lip plumper, the gloss,treatment, and shine is fabulous, and it gives a fun swollen appeal, unfortunately it's temporary.

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