Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Airbrush Touch-Beauty Tip Tuesday

Airbrush makeup is not the newest trend in makeup application, in fact it has been around for decades! We could look back as far as 1925 where it was first used cosmetically for the film version of Ben Hur. This form of makeup application was primarily used for special effects in films.
Today many cosmetic companies/artists have joined the band wagon in creating a more portable compressor and fool-proof air-gun even for a novice.
I have fallen victim to some of these products, that certainly weren't cheap, and found the airbrush still cumbersome and ineffective. I've had better results with a sponge.
As the years have passed, I have made wiser investments in the compact airbrush and with that my results have improved ten fold. Now being more efficient, providing a wider variety of looks and effects whether on set or in the salon. In contrast to the classic makeup brush or even the sponge application, the airbrush can mist the finest veil of waterproof makeup creating a smoother finish for any skin texture. Touch up is a breeze, and the client has the satisfaction of feeling as though she has that flawless finish without all the weight of a cakey hand application. I have come to trust the makeup of Dinair and use even their compact airbrush and compressor for small detailed works. The weight and color spectrum of their foundations are pleasing and realistic. For tanning on the other hand I still rely on AirMaster, the power behind it is perfect for how often I use it(almost daily), and just by changing the tip of the brush I can adjust to body and face.

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