Friday, June 10, 2011

Tween cleaning

Every woman out there, and men you too, have had some kind of skin related question or concern. When someone wants to talk about their skin, it's usually in regards to improving it in some way or form. Whether it's clearing up acne, how to hydrate ultra dry skin, to smoothing out lines. But what if we are not talking about your mom, or even you for that matter? What if the skin in question is already at it's pH balanced-best? What if the skin we are talking about hasn't made it's way down the over active sebaceous glands, black heads, and pimple road just yet? What if you are twelve? Ten?, Even 9 years old? Well then you're probably not interested in the superficial jibber jabber of skincare quite yet, or even reading this article for that matter. But many of Orange County's moms out there who are extremely skin savvy about the importance of good skin care, the different types of skin products available, as well as the importance of preventative skin care are already thinking about the future of their childrens' skin. They want to prevent the agony of acneic skin, breaking out and the oil-slicks they once endured(or still are), due to the inevitable hormone changes their children are yet to experience within the next few years. Then some are concerned about the health factors of skincare not only for themselves but more importantly for their children. These parents of todays tweens are looking out for their kids health in more ways than one. Searching for safe, effective spf, moisturizers, lip balms, to face washes but just don't see themselves sharing their expensive creams, toners, and lotions just yet. Now that "No more Tears" or that watermelon bath gel doesn't cut it anymore, where can these parents find a product made for the already perfect skin but prepare them for the next stage? There are several ways to go. A fun and adorable organic skincare line called Good For You Girls, is 100% natural botanical ingredients that purely cleanses and protects youthful skin from the elements. Vegan approved, cruelty free, and extremely important, eco friendly packaging! Another fantastic company created right here in Orange County called Sparklehearts, is another natural bath and body line for girls. A simple line of five basic products, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, detangler and sparkly body lotion. Created by two O.C. moms, these products are always paraben, phthalate, sodium Lauryl/Laureth, and sulfate free. Vegetable and plant-based, they never use petroleum compounds or petroleum derived ingredients. "Ick! Not now. Not ever." And the best ever, "Rocking some serious style in 100% recycled packaging!"
Now we didn't forget about the boys. And this might be something that dad and son could really get into together. Man's best friend, Bull Dog Natural Skincare! The packaging is alluring for the boy and the boy within. These products are kept so simple and self explanatory. Made in the UK, their products are all natural, never containing parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources. ~Our number one rule is hope for the best, plan for the worst. With your face it’s all in the planning.~
One more gender neutral skin care line your son nor husband will make an argument about it being too "girly", is Burt's Bees. This popular, natural skin care company is available most anywhere, from Target to Macy's, anyone can find natures best ingredients with Burt's Bees and feel safe using these organic products on baby to dad. This line has it covered too, whether it's a soothing aloe body lotion to a chamomile cleansing creme. Right down to the packaging, Burt's Bees does it's very best to better not only the health of our skin but the health of our environment!
Now no one can promise that your little guy or girl won't experience a pimple or two as the teen years begin to creep up on them, but as long as mom(and dad), are better prepared with some of these safe, natural, effective, not to mention fun loving products your child will certainly be better prepared when that day arrives.

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