Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime skin

Here in Orange County while it's count down to your child's last day of school, you may be already packing the house and car with all sorts of out door fun! Whether it be squirt guns, beach balls, picnic blankets, swim gear, buckets to sand toys! But one thing that should be well stocked, year round in fact, is the spf! Here is something to take a serious second look at, even if you're the faint of heart, because no matter who you are, protecting your skin from the suns damaging rays is this important. Having the basic knowledge about what skin cancer is, and what it looks like, can be one of the best insurance you won't forget your spf again.
It's as simple as A, B, C, and D. A is for asymmetry, growths with irregular shapes, and different-looking halves should be seen by a dermatologist right away. B is for border, moles with irregular, notched, or scalloped borders are a cause for concern. C is for color, notice if growths have uneven coloring or a variation of colors. And D is for diameter, if a growth even "beauty marks" have exceeded 5 millimeters, this is a sign to visit your dermatologist for a closer examination.
As an adult this becomes a great concern especially if you are one who rarely applied sunscreen as a child. But today there is little to no excuse why we can't prevent skin damage in the futures of our children, along with regular visits to the doctor ask for mole checks yearly, continue appropriate use of spf, avoid the heightened damaging rays of the sun between the times of 10 and 2, cover up when possible, reapply sunscreen after swimming and excessive sweating, are all positive ways to avoiding skin damage in your families future.

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