Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YUM! For the Confused!

Skin a little confused?

It may be Fall going on Winter, but for Californians it's raining one moment and then it's 90 degrees out, the next! It's no wonder our skin is so confused!

Surface Beauty wants to shine a little light on the change in the weather "skin blues". If your skin stings to the touch from the cold to hot changes, DON'T over wash the face thinking water equals hydration. To get relief without breaking out from heavy creams, wash(YUM Beta Carotene Cleanser) with warm water and a soft wash cloth,(avoid mineral oil!). Immediately follow with a calming toner or serum(YUM Green Tea Calming Serum) alcohol free! Finish with a light weight moisturizer (for daytime).(YUM Cranberry Creme Moisturizer). Don't forget the SPF.

Remember: Your SPF acts as a barrier, holding in the nutrients that came before it and fending off the free-radicals that come after (ie: smog, dirt, harsh temperatures, uva/uvb rays, etc).

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