Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Basic Five

Surface Beauty may sound superficial as paying close attention to what's on the outside may be our business, but because of this we must pay closer attention to what's going on, on the inside!

What's happening from within makes all the difference to what's happening without.

Stressed out?
Anxiety. Lack of sleep. Over eating. Not enough time to eat right.
All these factors related to stress, can effect your skin negatively in numerous ways.

From dehydration, sallow skin, tired eyes, dull skin, breakouts, to hair falling out, are just a few symptoms you may experience when your body and/or mind is stressed.

Taking Medication?
Certain medications,even birth control can alter ones natural balance from within causing adverse reactions without. Dehydration, vitamin imbalance, hair loss, thinning skin, slowing blood circulation, constricting blood vessels, etc.

Illness, disease.
From a simple cold to even more severe illness, your skin and hair, can be effected negatively by the stresses that are caused internally. Fatigue, nausea, low immune systems, to loss of functioning organs, ones skin and hair will be a "tell all" that things are not right from within.

With this said and understood, Surface Beauty wants to share a little "Internal Light" on this subject.

The FIVE BASIC PILLS that can brighten you from the inside out!
A daily dose of :
1. one multivitamin
2. 600 milligrams of DHA/Omega-3 fatty acid(fish oil) for brain function
3. 1000 IU vitamin D for bone and heart health
4. 600 milligrams of calcium for bones
5. 200 milligrams of magnesium to counteract the bloat and constipation that calcium
causes. -Dr. Michael Roizen, co author of You: Staying Young.-InStyle Mag.

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  1. Great reminder to us all to keep our "insides" healthy to keep our "outsides" fabulous!