Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Bridal Best

The time has come;
you have the date, you've picked out the rings, the dress is in the bag(per say). Now the time has come to interview makeup artists and hair stylists who will transform you and your day into your "Bridal Best". You want to still be you but the most beautiful you, you have ever imagined and you must trust this unto the talented and experienced hands of the right makeup artist and hair stylist.

Through experience, and seeing it time and time again, picking the same hair stylist to do makeup and vice versa is begging for a disaster. Stick with the specialists, especially on this most important day. A hair stylist "specializes" in up-dos, a makeup artist specializes, well, in makeup. It's understood that a cosmetologist is "licensed" in both but doesn't mean she/he works regularly doing both. More than likely if they are spending their days working with hair, it's hair they know. As for the makeup artist whom spends their day working with cosmetics, the many ranges of skin, face shapes, styles and trends that challenge them daily, it's safe to say it's makeup they know. It doesn't have to cost any more to have both a hair stylist and makeup artist. You pay for the job requested. You need your hair done(Price ranges of $75-$250), expect to pay for this service just as you would pay for the makeup service(Price ranges of $75-$250).

This brings us to the age old adage "You get what you pay for". And how true this is in the beauty/bridal industry. We all know as much as the next woman, how important your wedding day is and how much more importantly it is for you to look your very best. This is a rare and special moment you will be entrusting your face and hair to a specialist who is to create the most beautiful you which in turn presets one of your most precious memories throughout the rest of your life. EEgad, the pressure.

Don't you fret. Now here is why I am writing this blog. Have fun finding your makeup artist and hair stylist. Most of us know at least two people in our lives, as women, who we trust with our hair. If it isn't the lady who cuts your hair whom you think could style it as well, take a good look around the salon, ask to see someones portfolio, and set up some trial runs. Hair trials should cost a minimal amount($25-$65), and you should get what you want, If you don't , don't you dare settle. Move on, try again.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to search out the right talent months in advance so you don't end up frantic, stressed, or sounding too desperate to the artists. Do your best to get the makeup artist and hair stylist together on the same day so to see the completed look. Makeup artists can be found in department stores, salons, and independently. Again, insist on viewing a portfolio, and have a trial sitting($45-$75).

It's recommended you make appointments for your trials on a day you plan to go out and test out the wear of the hair and makeup. For example a bachelorette party, or engagement party. Take photos and ask loved ones what they honestly think.

Also a real important tool of communication in getting the message across of the kind of look you want; cut out, print out, tear out, photos, images, and styles you like from magazines and/or the Internet. With pictures sitting right in front of you and the artist there should be little room for misunderstandings. Give plenty of time for your trials, no more than two hours, try not to rush the artists if the look is intricate, like, your hair is long, or curly but you want straight, or fine but you want "BIG", etc.,etc.

In the end respect the expert, they want you to look your best, because in the end if you look good they look good.

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