Thursday, September 16, 2010

Makeup Before Workout?

Makeup before working out?

There is more to this that stings the eyes:

I work out vigorously. I truly enjoy what I do.
I train in kick boxing as well as teach. Before this I frequented the gym two to four times
a week religiously since the age of eighteen. I am a mother of two and a lover of makeup as well.

Some ladies have approached me on this subject, and this is both a personal as well as professional opinion.

I consider myself "better off" with some sort of base/concealer on my face before I step out to go anywhere. This is something that shouldn't be even detectable gym or no gym. Just making sure there isn't any irritating ingredients that can harm the eyes because after a good sweat, it is inevitable foundation can seep into your eyes; and through experience, can be quite painful and just ends up ruining a good workout. I continuously wipe my face and chest, as I sweat, so my towel is going to reflect whatever is streaming off my face as well. I stick to water based tinted moisturizers and whatever hangs in there by the end of the work out is pretty much a miracle.

As for added touches like mascara, yes, why not, as long as it is waterproof and doesn't end up smudged under the eyes like a line backer. As for lipstick, probably not necessary but if you must, choose something sheer and neutral. A nice lip balm, or lip tint is fine, but keeping it natural, 'cause your'e just working out, right?
A workout for what it is, is not a time for glamming it up but we are out in the public eye, and if a little cover up and color makes you feel a little bit better about yourself, more power to you.

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