Monday, April 26, 2010

Farmhouse Fresh!

After attending the Las Vegas International,Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference this past weekend, all I could think about was jumping into my shower to experience my newest discovery!
Farmhouse Fresh luxury body scrubs and lotions are undeniably "decadent"! It takes almost all my will power to not scoop up the BourbonBubbler(an ultra fine brown sugar and bourbon infused body scrub), and devour it. Their Whoopie!White Velvet Shea Butter Cream is just that, velvety-sweet! Not only do these scrubs lotions and creams smell devine and bring back childhood memories of sugar cookies and jelly sweets, they perform. Their products consist of the highest grade natural oils, pure fruit extracts, and are vitamin rich. No one can resist the vintage packaging, the adorable catch phrases that add to each products unique personality such as,"Our cows eat cookies" for the sweet ceam body milk to ,"Mushed-up stuff is better for you" for the Strawberry Smash Double Moisturizer.
OH! Let me get my spoon!

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