Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Effortless Tanning-Beauty Tip Tuesday

There is bronzer, and there is tanner. A bronzer is usually a mica based powder or cream that provides a superficial orangey-glow to the face and body. It's temporary and if not applied well, can become a streaky mess on a long hot summers-day.
A tanner is a semi-permanent cream, milk, lotion, or spray that along with the ingredient DHA, creates a chemical reaction with the "dead" layer of our skin(corneum) causing a browning process. This is an amazing creation, and for us "tannless" wonders, a god-send. Spending most of the 80's and giving up in the 90's, on the sun tanning rituals of burning and blistering for just a "base" tan. I can now safely obtain a healthy bronzed glow minus the dangers of cancer and the painful, unsightly stinging red impressions of a sun burn.

Today's women and men alike can go about their summer, heck, even winter days, sporting a healthy realistic tan, without the damages of the suns UVA and UVB rays. We can avoid the dehydrating and painful effects of the sun and still look like we spend our waking days lounging about on the beach soaking it all in.
Surface Beauty uses an aloe vera based spray tanner with eco/animal- friendly, 100%non-toxic ingredients that dries in less than five minutes bronzing you instantly so NO surprises in a few hours, NO streaks and NO orange hues of any kind.

Most self tanners come with the understanding that we will smell that of a fried potato for the next week or so, but this is not the case with Surface Beauty's spray tanner. In the past, topical tanning products cause us to express some sort of off fragrance, especially during heightened activities, but you'll experience nothing more than a pleasant sweet aromatic tone.

A Surface Beauty professional airbrush artist, applies this unique self tanner anywhere from the delicate features of the face down to your toes, and can personalize, even sculpt, areas of the body to give an individual any desired level of tan.

Nothing beats an immediate tan, that can't rub off, slims and tones the body, hydrates and softens the skin in one sitting. Save your skin, help your skin, improve your skin, all in one step with a healthy spray tan!

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