Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beauty Tuesday Tip

Winter-chapped face?

January is typically a COLD month. But for Californians it's cold and the next it's HOT? It's no wonder our skin is so confused!

Surface Beauty wants to shine a little light on the winter-chapped skin. If your skin stings to the touch from the cold breezy winds, DON'T over wash the face thinking water equals hydration. To get relief without breaking out from heavy creams, wash with warm water, a soft wash cloth, and a soothing milk cleanser (avoid mineral oil!). Immediately follow with a calming toner (look for rosewater or cornflower based with chamomile) alcohol free! Layer with a hydrating serum, and finish with a light weight moisturizer with SPF (for daytime).

Remember: Your SPF moisturizer acts as a barrier, holding in the nutrients that came before it and fending off the free-radicals that come after (ie: smog, dirt, harsh tempretures, uva/uvb rays, etc).

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