Monday, January 18, 2010

Keeping it fresh in 2010

Hello from your make-up addicted and skin care aficionados at

It's a brand new year, HECK, it's a brand new decade! We want to share with you, what the future has in store for the looks of 2010!

Healthy, fresh, and clean skin! Who doesn't want that!?! We aren't looking for cosmetics that just cover up our flaws we want products that correct and protect our livelihood!

Surface Beauty believes strongly in what is said about "first impressions". So here we are in a new decade, a new year, let's start it off on the right foot or(face)!

Where to begin?

What do we do right when we wake up?

Wash that face! Keeping the water cold will do positive numbers on your skin right away. It wakes you up, fast, it gets the blood going, minimizes pores, and actually is a wonderful way to de-puff those eyes!

Cleanse with a soap -free wash.(Check out Shiseido or Aesop). If you have the time, exfoliate mildly with a gentle scrub(Check out Answers From Nature at Henrys), or even a wash cloth will do.

TONE, yes it is important. Your toner balances your natural PH, minimizes those pores, and soothes that skin from the first two actions.(Check out Eminence/Aesop).

From here, hydrate your eyes, face, and decollete. One can go right to a basic moisturizer, while this only holds in what you've already applied, and protects your skin from the external elements...OR, invest in a specific SERUM, made just for your skins concerns. Be it, dryness, loose skin, hyper pigmentation, dullness, lines and wrinkles, etc. This serum mus be alcohol free, mineral-oil free. Beware. Your serum is your key to actually correcting and preventing present and future damage to your skin.(Check out PCA/ Natura Bisse/T.Le Clerc).

Hydrate & seal the nourished skin with a moisturizer that doesn't weigh down your skin, look greasy, or consist of alcohols that will just dry up and dissipate before you walk out of your bathroom.(Check out PCA/Natura Bisse/Shiseido).

Note, your eye cream and moisturizer are NOT the same thing. There is a difference between their consistencies, and performance. Eye creams cost more, generally, than your moisturizer. They are formulated with smaller molecules(look for nano-technology) to absorb more effectively around the delicate tissues surrounding our eyes. Eye creams should feel like a satiny layer as it's applied, not heavy or sticky. If the cream is too thick, consists of bees wax or mineral oils, or too much is applied this may cause milia(small white bumps), to form around your eyes.(Check out 3LAb/Natura Bisse).

Tinted moisturizers are the new and improved foundations! More and more women are enjoying the convenience of their SPF and color combined in one. Looking for a product that isn't greasy, light weight, and easily blended are important keys.(Check out Remede).

Color those lips! Lip stains are advantageous in several ways. They stay, they don't bleed, they are weightless, fuss-less, and truly wake up your face! Our pro-celebrity artists recommend choosing colors that typically are the opposite in tone of your eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes, go for warm, peachy tones. For brown eyes, go for cool berry, mauve tones. Enjoy these stains on your cheeks as well, they don't clog the skin!(Check out Vincent Longo/Nars). Top it of with a natural or clear gloss!(Check out Nars/T.LeClerc/Vincent Longo).

Eyes, the windows to our souls! Let's pick the right "dressings". Never overlook the brow. Simply by brushing in a little color into the hairs, to give fullness and shape can make all the difference to your eyes and face. Always pick a similar color to your brows but never darker!(Check out Laura Mercier).

Mascara, always own a great deep black mascara. Water proof or at least resistant. Mascaras no matter how much you pay for one, last no longer than 3 1/2 to 4 months. Any longer you're asking for itchy, irritated eyes(due to microbes), along with flaking and minimal performance in general. You can invest in a great $30.00 mascara, which will offer you an amazing application, a pleasing odor, and probably a sleek package(Check out Shu Uemura); OR, purchase an $8.00 mascara from your local pharmacy, that takes a little more effort to keep from clumping, endure a subtle chemical scent, and they tend to come in animated tube-like packages. (Cover Girl Lash Blast). They both end up looking much of the same.

If time permits, choosing shadow isn't rocket science anymore. A wash of color complimenting(opposite tones) your eye color will enhance your look but, in choosing a shadow, there are NO rules. You love purple and you have blue eyes, enjoy! You have green eyes and, go for it! You may be hazel-eyed and love the color pink, work it! Eye shadow is an accessory not a necessity! Wardrobe it to what your wearing out that night or just highlighting around the eyes to brighten up your day, don't be afraid to play with your shadows!(Check out Sue Devitt/MAC).

Keeping it natural, fresh, and clean in 2010!

All your beauty needs at time and again!

Peace and Beauty Always, Your Surface Beauty Team

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