Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Material About Thread

If you haven't already heard, The Thread Show came and went without a hitch, this past Sunday, from the back lots of The Lab shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County. The weather looked grim earlier on but the sun shined through bright and strong just in time, ensuring a day of shopping and mingling with the local designers who proudly shared their wares from lavish to down right organic jewelry and accessories, garments, furniture, art, eco-friendly hand bags to baby clothes. Many of the clothing vendors displayed their garments in a familiar "swap-meet" manner, so the digging through rolling racks and piles of "mix and match" on tables wasn't too enticing. Otherwise vendors such as Shaune' Young, owner of Exfolatte Body Scrub, who stood by an eloquent free standing sink along with a glass pitcher of water ready to share her luxurious coffee face and body scrub, to any and all passerby's was a real sweet treat. This impressive scrub literally acts as both an astringent as well as an exfoliate while the unique ingredients detoxifies and facilitates the breakdown of cellulite and reduction of varicose veins! Also if you were willing to wait a half hour or so you could have joined the long list of patrons who enjoyed getting their nails done by Atlas Studio pro nail techs. who were demonstrating their 3D nail art for only $5-$15 depending on what you desired. If you want to "bling"-up your nails, glam, animate, or just polish them up, make your appointment with Yoko Ono, nail and eye lash expert, or any of their talented crew at Atlas Studio in Costa mesa. This next mention may not be beauty related, but the fact that this up and coming company of hand made eco-friendly accessories, White Apple Threads, creates the most adorable and functional messenger, duffel, diaper bags, to totes was definitely a beautiful find! From exquisitely impressive soft locally sourced, recycled coffee sacks lined with a sundry of eye catching redeemed fabrics, anyone will enjoy toting around these totes.
Overall The Thread Show proved to be a shoppers delight, whether it was the music, the food, the art, or the wares you came for, all together the people and what they shared with Orange County that day was a purely pleasurable event.

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