Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Achieving Katys Grammy Glow

There's the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Emmys, to the highly anticipated Academies, where the women, (and men too), of Orange County are eager to catch a glimpse of fashions hottest looks displayed upon their favorite celebrities, and of course bare witness to all the fashion failures just as well.

This past week the Grammys were buzzing with beautiful faces and designer frocks, hair, the long and short of it, bodies fit, slim, to voluptuous, down to their very toes. Youthful glowing skin is what was dominating the red carpet, no matter the age really. Which gives those over the age of thirty who search high and low to get back that youthful "glow" a fighting chance!

At this past weekends Grammy award ceremonies, Katy Perry shined for all to see in a colorful palette of pastels, daring to wear the vibrant complimentary colors of both violet and metallic green on the eyes and finishing her look with a springy bright pink lip, but above it all you couldn't deny her flawlessly smooth skin. Her skin was well secured with a great matte base but her cheeks were dazzling, atop a shimmering highlight that truly kept her skin appearing fresh and a glow.
To achieve this look, whether you're one of the lucky pore-less types to the slightly "furrowed", reach for Chanel's Double Perfection duo foundation, wear it wet or dry layering it to your hearts content. If your skin is on the drier side, hydrate properly prior to application, choose an emollient moisturizer/serum that doesn't just sit on top of the skin, ( Melvitas Organic Regenerating Serum), blush or contour with a soft peachy-pink blush, ( Sue Devitt Studios Koh Samui), and lastly highlight from lash line to tops of cheeks, and even the brow bone (the area just below brows), look for an ultra fine shimmer or cheek glaze ( By Terry Sheer Liquid blush and highlighters) to give that fabulous glow. Avoid chunky, cheaper blends of shimmer powders that will just end up sitting in creases and lines, making your skin look crepe and dry.
Remember, celebrities may make it look as though they wake up looking naturally flawless as we dream they do, but, a little help from their pro. makeup artists and stylists, as well as their trainers, dietitians, managers, and a bit of photo shop, don't hurt either.

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