Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wax On Wax Off!

Wax On, Wax Off Surface Beauty Offer!

You don't have to be as "fuzzy as a bear" to have waxing needs.

From brow shaping to under arms, bikini, legs, arms or face, Surface Beauty wax pros. are there for you!

We don't use bees wax,(That can burn, irritate, and tear tender skin).
We use a synthetic Ultaflexxx wax by Mancine from Australia,
that grips only hair, virtually painless, leaving no sticky residue, and no allergic reactions!

We've heard it all before: "I had my brows done once and they burned my lids", "After they did my upper lip I broke out", "It's just too painful".

We use the most modern of wax and technology to ensure a comfortable and noninvasive experience!

From January 1st to February 28th 2011,
Surface Beauty wants you to have the
best waxing experience ever so we are
offering it to you 50% off!
Don't forget, WE come to YOU!

Wax menu
Brows: $45/
now $22.5
Lip: $25/
now $12.5
Bikini: $55/
now $27.5
Underarms: $40/
now $20
Back: $40/
now $20
Legs: lower $35/
now $17.5
Legs: full $45/
now $22.5

To make an appointment, call (310)801-2818 or email *Tell a friend and don't forget to mention this offer!*
*($20.00 drive/gas fee outside of Orange County.)

Peace and Beauty always,

Miki at Surface Beauty
Mobile spa & beauty services
phone: 310/801-2818

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