Monday, December 27, 2010

Sign of the Times

Surface beauty took a good look around this past month.
This may have been a long and drawn out year of slow going business for many, but there is something people won't sacrifice and that is their health and beauty needs.
Stores were bustling this past month with consumers not only shopping for friends and family but they too didn't seem to hesitate taking part in a little well deserved splurging for themselves. Salons were booked for holiday blow outs to glittering nail appointments, updating cuts, to freshening up hair color. Face firming facials, slimming body wraps, to spray tanning, preparing themselves for that new years party dress and or sporting those new platform stilettos!
Surface Beauty is more than pleased to know both men and women will make the space and time for themselves whether it's to get away for a little while and relax or just basic upkeep that helps them feel better about themselves. A pedicure not only can help one feel more confident when slipping into those open-toed heels, you will have healthier looking skin and feet for the next few weeks and you won't mind flinging off your socks and walking around barefoot in any situation. A facial not only provides therapy for your skin but for your very spirit while it may help makeup apply more flawlessly one may love their skin so much they won't want to wear any at all. We commend you all and can't emphasize enough how important it is to take that moment for yourself.
2011 is just around the corner, as the new year approaches Surface Beauty sees this as a chance to make resolutions, better our future, improve situations, make effective decisions, achieve goals, and what better way to start the year with the best you you can be? It doesn't have to take a lot of time, OR maybe that's exactly what one needs is to take time for oneself, to know it is o.k.
You will be so glad you did it.
From Surface Beauty, we want you to experience the best treatments and highest quality service and talent every time. The most important detail about what we have to offer to our clients is the convenience of bringing it all to you!

Peace and Beauty always from all of us at Surface Beauty

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