Thursday, October 21, 2010


No matter what you call it, it's your most personal beauty spot on your face.
We talk, eat, smile, scream, whisper, express all that we feel with every curve of the lips.
We can also see age.
Along with the eyes, our lips don't lie. Fine lines, curves, to texture of the lips can share to the world how old you really are!
The first and foremost best preventative thing you can do to save your lips, is wear SOMETHING on them everyday.
It doesn't mean it has to be color; for example a lip balm, clear gloss, Vaseline, yes, Vaseline. Exfoliate regularly, your toothbrush can do the job just fine.
After your'e done brushing your teeth, run the bristles across your lips gently, to exfoliate any excess skin and then hydrate right away(with a soothing lip balm preferably). Surface Beauty skin specialists recommend a unique and delicious way to exfoliate; check out Edible Lip Scrub from Good Fortune Soap. Rub on, Lick off!
Also, after applying eye cream, don't wipe your fingers off just yet, share with your lips!
Eye cream can be just as beneficial to the outer edges of the lips to smooth and firm the lines.

I'm just the type of girl who isn't afraid of color.
Ever since the day my mother gave in and said it was o.k. to play with makeup, I reached for RED. (Got called Kelly Bundy ALOT)
I love to stain, re shape, line, glaze, gob, shimmer, and gloss my lips. Most lip products are going to be vitamin-E enriched or moisturizing, if it isn't why bother? SO, especially for Fall 2010, It's dark rich, exotic lips, full, fun, and fabulous! Go wild! A must color to try for this season; MAC Cunning! Gorgeous!

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