Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK, Here it is!
The "LOOK".

She is cool, she is natural, she lets it all just hang out! Layers not only with her clothing but with her hair and yes, her make-up.

The "natural look" takes some effort. Natural doesn't mean minimal, or no makeup. It means accentuating features in a way that looks like it was "effortless".

Foundation is definitely worn smooth and evenly. Liquid Airbrush foundations with spf 15 from Kevin Aucoin
is instant flawless in a bottle. All together a concealer highlighter and foundation in one.

Eyes are brought out with subtle highlighting just under the brow arch swept down to the inner corner of the eye. Choosing a crease color in a soft, warm taupe, yes warm taupe. It does exist. For example Satin taupe from MAC .
Blend softly from crease to outer corner down to lash line.(C-shadowing). Choose from a deep mocha brown liner to black depending on your own lash color. Smudge into lash line upper and lower lashes. NOT LOWER THAN LASHES. IN the lashes. This defines the lashes and the eye shape. Apply mascara to your liking. Waterproof or resistant preferred.(No smudges). Bronzer to contour cheeks, instead of a blush.(Bronzer softly blended under crease shadow is a nice effect as well).

Lips are soft, hydrated, shaped, and or stained with a fleshy natural hue. Begin with a Lip liner tone slightly deeper than your own color(I love Whirl from MAC). Blend softly from outer line and fill inward. Dab and fill with a neutral gloss or hydrating lipstick.(Love Lin from T.Le Clerc).

Brows! The brow is back. Like it was in 1985, thick, full and beautiful. No more thin strips of hair, it's Brooke Shields time! Orrrr, Jennifer Connelly time!

Enjoy this seasons New LOOK!

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