Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer time doesn't mean dry time

As Summer is knocking on the door, we are ready to shed the apparel, which means more skin to maintain. The heat turns up and we may find ourselves whether it's at the beach or the poolside, soaking up the rays, but drying out the skin doesn't have to be a concern. In fact while our natural perspiration cools and hydrates our skin, we produce more oil (sebum) as well. This is our bodies wonderful reaction to protecting and controlling our skins functions as we heat up. So, with that in mind, we can now ease up on moisturizers, switch to light weight spf lotions, and more sheer foundations. For the already oily prone skin types, this goes for you too, but keep blotting papers or translucent powder handy. There are some oil inhibiting serums out there as well to prep the skin in the mornings so no more fussing throughout the day with shine. (Check out Arbonne makeup primer, or Smashbox Anti shine). Surface Beauty skin pros highly recommend a sheer spf tinted moisturizer to get you through an eventful day in the sun. (Remede).
For the rest of the body, exfoliating (Farm House Fresh Bourbon Bubbler) while still in the shower and hydrating while the skin is still moist will keep the skin supple and soft. If your'e planning on being in a bathing suit to a tank and shorts, spf the entire body so not to miss any inch of possibly exposed precious skin. Never forget to stock up on a tube or bottle of spf for the car. Be prepared for last minute trips to the park or pool, or even when your'e stuck sitting in the car and the sun beats down on your chest, arms, and hands.

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